Don’t Let Odors Linger Call A Restoration Company For Odor Removal And Deodorization

By Bert Gabledon

Dealing with unpleasant smells in your California home on your own consumes time and wastes money, rarely delivering the desired result. Commonly available air fresheners and cover ups often do not solve the problem and leave a homeowner frustrated and despairing of ever restoring a pure and clean abode ambiance. Persistent smells signal something significant is amiss, requiring the help of an experienced odor removal and deodorization company to gain relief.

Lingering odors from past emergencies like fire, mold, or water damage or tragedies such as criminal activities or trauma are tough to eliminate from your California home. The sources of the smells may also expose residents to possible health issues or trigger distressing memories. Trying to distract from the odors with sprays, candles, gels, and similar products fail to remove or destroy substances remaining in the home that poses hazards to you and your family’s well-being.

Technicians proficient in removing unwanted smells receive training based upon the industry best practices articulated by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning Restoration and Certification (IICRC). Not only do these deodorizing specialists learn about the most efficient methods to seek out and eliminate odors, but they also become well acquainted with the proper professional products to use. Proper matching of deodorants and methods depend upon identifying the source and dispersal history of the odor producing materials.

Professional deodorization specialists use at least one to all of the following four step process to eliminate odors: 

  • First, remove the offending materials or substances, or as much as possible. 
  • Second, contain or block the odor containing molecules from vaporizing into the air with a surface spray that slows or stops the evaporation.
  • Third, respond to any odor vapor that escapes with an atmospheric spray that seeks and counteracts the smells already airborne. 
  • Fourth, use thermal fogging, a strategy that combusts solvent-based deodorant in a heated chamber, transforming it into tiny particles. This extremely fine mist finds remaining odor residue in the air and on surfaces and then alters the odiferous molecules’ chemical composition to eradicate the smell. 

Even the most persistent malodors eventually respond to the efforts of deodorization professionals. Get permanent relief from offensive smells, and their sources, by hiring a reputable restoration company that offers customers a trustworthy odor elimination team.


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