Brush Fire Safety 101

By Bert Gabledon

Each day, fire department workers respond to hundreds of brush fires. Brush fires are uniquely dangerous in that they can occur where you work, play, live, and travel. Once they start to spread across a property, they can destroy everything and anything in their path. If your commercial or residential property is subjected to a brush fire, it’s important for you to know what steps to take. Get the information you need by referring to this quick reference guide:

Preventing And Protecting Yourself
There are numerous ways that you can prevent brush fires. Some of them include:

• Keep your lighters and matches out of the reach of children.
• Discard smoking items promptly in containers that are fire-resistant. Never put them out on the ground!
• Don’t create an outdoor fire on a day that is windy or dry.
• Avoid fireworks at all costs.
• Be careful when you use refueling equipment.
• Avoid using fuel to burn waste.
• Pay close attention to outdoor fires and ensure that they are thoroughly extinguished prior to leaving.

Brush FireMinimizing Brush Fire Damage
• Reduce the fuel sources that are stored near or in your house, including paints, cleaning chemicals, and gas.
• Keep your shrubs and branches at least 15 feet away from your heat sources, grills, chimney outlets, and stove pipes.
• Keep your firewood stacks 10 feet away from the house.
• Clean brush, leaves, and dead branches that surround your property on a regular basis.
• Keep your roof, eaves, and gutter clear of debris and leaves.
• Trim back any tree branches hanging over your property.
• Choose gravel instead of mulch for your garden beds.
• Choose fire-resistant vents, fences, decks/porches, fire-resistant siding, and non-flammable roofing.
• Comply with all local fire safety rules and regulations for open air burning. This includes regulations for chimneys, fire pits, grills, outdoor fireplaces, and campfires.

Brush fires are no laughing matter. In fact, they can cause substantive structural damage to your property. However, being prepared for a brush fire can preclude you and your family members from experiencing intense anxiety and profound property destruction. If your property is subjected to a brush fire, it’s important to know who to call in order to obtain excellent fire damage remediation services.