Biohazard Damage

By Bert Gabledon

A biohazard is defined as any biological or chemical substance that is dangerous to humans, animals or the environment. This includes body fluids (blood, human waste) and human tissue (skin and other organs) among other threats. What makes a biohazard so dangerous is that it has the potential to infect any person who is exposed to it, not merely someone who comes into physical contact with it.

Because of this potential, a biohazard requires a professional response team to rapidly begin and complete the cleanup process. Technicians are trained according to strict IICRC standards and CDC safety requirements. They understand that every hour is valuable and the faster they can get you back into your home or business is one less hour that you have to pay them and lose customers.

A biohazard restoration company provide an extensive number of biohazard cleanup services. Their customer services include animal waste removal and helping individuals and families deal with the potential health threats that come when a person develops a hoarding disorder.
Crime Scene Cleanup
Some of the key services include the following:
•    Accidental Death Cleanup
•    Advanced Odor Reduction
•    Body Fluid Remediation
•    Crime Scene Cleanup (Homicide and Suicide)
•    Gross (Large Amount) Filth Cleanup
•    H1N1 Decontamination
•    Hoarder Cleanup
•    MRSA Decontamination

Sewage Cleanup And Sanitization
Another service the experts provide which has, unfortunately, become very popular is cleaning up after a drug lab arrest. The chemicals used to create methamphetamine and other illegal substances can quickly render a home or commercial structure uninhabitable. Prolonged exposure can even force county or state officials to condemn a structure, leaving the cost of demolition to a property owner that has no opportunity to restore the building or recover any costs.

Regardless of the biohazard, a restoration firm will handle it with a professional attitude. They understand that some of these situations are much more than a job to a homeowner, renter or business owner. In these cases, they are dedicated to performing as compassionately as they do professionally.